16 avril 2024 à 21h02min ⏚ Antoine Chambert-Loir

100. For Big Sid

This thread started hundred days ago with a drum solo, and it ends with a drum solo, from the same recording *Drums Unlimited*. The first one was in 3/4, that one will be in 4/4, a homage from one great drummer to another great predecessor, Sid Catlett, which Roach claimed (in a 1958 Downbeat interview) was his main source of inspiration.

Max Roach builds up an actual melody (Is there a word such as rythmolody?), from repeated motives and variations, arranged differently (such as these two 8th notes that end on the 4th beat, listen how they appear all over the theme, either on the snare or on cymbals). It's a drum tune that one can sing !

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16 avril 2024 à 17h07min Pendulion

🎶 I made choices and fought battles for all sorts of wrong reasons
Turns out they don’t matter when I can’t look into the mirror

And there is no turning back
We’re moving forth until our names are called
Each step reveals our angst
And our hopes

We lose our breaths marching through this valley of tears
This theater that we all leave
Yet we persist and our soaring song still rings
And with us, heavens sing 🎶

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16 avril 2024 à 13h12min Le PandAnarchiste

-=ACABOT Turbo Version 13.12=-
Nous sommes le 16/04/24
Il est 13:12 et voici une chanson de circonstance:
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16 avril 2024 à 07h10min 🌈 BarbaPulpe 😇 ᴹᵃˢᵗᵒᵈᵒⁿ

Bonjour, très bonne journée à tous malgré (grâce ?) à la baisse des températures, bises 😘

Midnight Oil, "Dreamworld", 1987

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15 avril 2024 à 23h11min ⏚ Antoine Chambert-Loir

99. Joy Spring

A wonderful Clifford Brown composition from the 1954 album led by him and Max Roach.

Each of the choruses is a marvel of musicality.

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15 avril 2024 à 21h18min Koantig

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Live
Allah Hoo 1993

I hadn't listened to it for years, what a journey this is.